How the packaging production proceeds

Do you need optimal packaging for your product? We will need the product itself or at least its dimensions and weight to manufacture to come with the best possible packaging. Dimensions are important for the packaging proportions; weight is necessary for the selection of appropriate material. Do you have an exact idea how your packaging should look like? Let us know. Our skilled designers will use this information to design a packaging sample for your final approval. If necessary, we will adjust packaging so that it fully suits – both the product and your idea. Once the design is approved, we will send you a layout for inserting the graphics. For more information on how to create a graphic click here.

Our graphic designers will check all the data before printing and advise you edits it if necessary. After printing, further processing takes place, including various options of surface finishing such as laminating, UV-coating or embossing, window pasting, etc. Then comes cutting and gluing.

A die necessary for the cut-out will be produced after client’s approval of the packaging design and print data. The cost of its production is one-off, and it is paid with the first order. The die can be used repeatedly for the next packaging production.

At the end, we pack your order (boxes) and sent it to its destination.