What we can do?
We provide packaging for various products and uses. Each packaging has its own specifics and possibilities of final refinements. We know well that cover sells. So, it's up to your imagination how will your final product look like. We are here to help you to achieve that goal.

Food packaging with Low Migration printing and coating technology

We produce food packaging from plain paperboard (cheap white & grey or, alternatively, more expensive white & cream or white & white). We can also offer a paperboard with a barrier coating on the reverse side to prevent the penetration of grease and moisture. For heavier, larger products or group packs, we offer three-ply corrugated paperboard. The cartons, inks and varnishes we use are certified for food contact.

Packaging for medicines and food supplements

Pharmaceutical and medical products are usually packaged in plain white & white cardboard. Packaging for medicines may have Braille embossed on it. Boxes for food supplements are often enhanced by partial varnish, foil stamping or blind printing. Medicine boxes can be packed on filling machines due to the correct packaging design and pre-cuts in the gluing of the medicine boxes.

Design boxes for cosmetics and similar products

Packaging for cosmetics, more expensive products or gifts is usually more elaborate and often consists of several parts. While designing packaging, our engineers focus not only on technical functionality, but above all on design. There is a range of natural uncoated cartons or special graphic cartons that can be used for cosmetic products. We recommend highlighting packages with surface enhancement such as effect varnishes, partial varnishes, lamination, foil stamping with blind printing and colour or effect foil, etc. Gift boxes can be completed with a viewing window.

Packaging of industrial products and consumer goods

Functional packaging at an affordable price, it is our goal, whenever we are designing and manufacturing packaging for industrial products and consumer goods. In most cases, simpler printing and a protective all-over dispersion varnish are chosen. We recommend smooth, higher-weight boards and especially corrugated paperboards for industrial packaging. Boxes can be supplemented with inner lining. As a speciality, there is a strengthened back taped lining.

Display and group packaging

We design displays or group packs for transporting or displaying of multiple boxes. Boxes can have a tear-off top or a separate cover sleeve or lid. It can serve as a topper advertising the product on display then. Printed and unprinted parts are often combined to optimize the price, nevertheless. Displays, transport and group packs are usually made from corrugated paperboard. If it is necessary from a marketing point of view, these packages can also be highlighted by partial varnish or foil stamping.

Coated cardboard, luxury packaging

The coated cardboard represents unique segment evoking luxury and solid craftsmanship feeling. Technically, it consists of a body made of 1 to 3 mm thick cardboard – and a coating. The coating is glued all over the box (not on the outside part only). And, more importantly, it is folded around all corners and edges. This process guarantees high strength and long lifespan of the box – it is very often used to store various small domestic items for many years after it served its original purpose. The covers can be made from both smooth coated, all-over printed materials and a range of special coating papers in a variety of colours and textures. The application of effect varnishes, laminations and especially foil thermoforming gets the luxury to even higher level. The box can be provided in two parts with separate bottom and lid, or in one part with hinged lid hold in place by magnet or ribbon.